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1. It's important to eat well the night before your events, so loading up on carbs: pasta, whole grain bread, vegetables and fruit are a great way to fuel-up the night before a race.
2. Get a good night's sleep, approximately 8-10 hours is best.
3. You may be nervous, but it is still very important to eat breakfast. Keep it light and easy to digest. Again, carbs will fuel your body and last longer: bagel with a little cream cheese, oatmeal with fruit, whole grain toast, fruits, juice, etc. are all good choices.

What to Pack:
4. You will need to pack a small cooler with snacks and drinks. Fresh fruit, granola bars, fruit bars, etc. are good choices. You may get hungry after some of your events but you won't want something heavy on your stomach. Keep the snacks simple, healthy, and easy to digest.
5. WATER!!! Don't forget your water bottle or sports drink. It is so important to stay hydrated. Sipping water throughout the day will go a long way to keep your body in top form. Remember, if you are thirty, then you are dehydrated, and you will tire more quickly.
6. Swim gear: remember your cap, goggles, swimsuit(s), towels. It's always good to have an extra cap and goggles on hand in case one breaks. We always take extra towels too (one for after warm up and each event, especially in colder weather when getting dry and warm is more difficult.)
7. In the colder months, you will need a blanket, parka, socks, warm shoes, sweatshirt and pants.
9. Chairs for you and your family. The teams sit under tents together. It adds to the fun of the day having the kids/parents socialize during the down times. Cards, games, books, etc. are also a good way to pass the time in between events.

At the Race:
9. The swimmers don't pay at the door but the rest of the family members must pay to enter. You will also want to purchase a Heat Sheet at the door. This is the list of all the events, each heat, and each swimmer's lane. It's your program guide for the entire day. You'll see parents writing the information for their children's races on the kids' hands or arms. It's not a bad idea to do this so bring a Sharpie pen.

Example: Say your child is doing two events in one day (Event 3 - 50 back, Heat 2, Lane 7; Event 5 - 100 Free, Heat 1, Lane 2). This is how you would write that on his arm:













10. Go find your team's tent and check in with your coach.
11. Your coach will let you know when the team will begin the stretch/warm up.
12. Hang out and wait for the first event. Keep track of the events and go to the starting block well before your event is called. *IT IS NOT YOUR COACH'S RESPONSIBILITY TO GET YOU TO THE STARTING BLOCK! Pay attention to what event is being swum. Some of the races last less than 30 seconds so be aware of the schedule and get to the starting area well before your event begins.
13. Before your event, talk to your coach. He/she will give you racing instructions, things to think about, etc. Then go line up behind the timers.
14. Parents are not allowed in the area behind the starting blocks. Parents: take your child to the correct lane and have him check in with the timer. Your child should stand behind the timer's chair and wait for his heat.
15. When your race is over, stay in your lane until the next heat dives off the blocks. Stay still and remain close to the wall so the swimmer who is diving in next is not distracted. Once the next swimmer takes off, you can get out. *If you are swimming backstroke, this rule does not apply since the swimmer starts in the water.
16. After your race, go talk to your coach. He/she will tell you what you did well and what you can still work on. This is all part of learning how to race.
17. Warm down. Jump into the warmup lane (feet first) and swim easy to warm down your muscles.
18. Go back to your team's tent and relax until your next event.

Congratulations! You've worked hard to get to this point. Racing is such a fun experience and it's a great way to celebrate being part of a team. Each time you race, you'll figure out things that make you a better swimmer, a stronger athlete, and a more focused person. Be proud and have fun!


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