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ISSUE TWO: Boxing Workouts

July 4, 2010, Issue Two

Boxing workouts are becoming more popular among swimmers including Michael Phelps.

And, it’s easy to see why!

“The first day our boxing trainer broke us down,” said Clive Lowe, 25, of Coral Springs, a former Douglas and Montana State football player, now pro boxer and personal trainer.

“They put us on punching bags for three-minute rounds,” Lowe said. “After the first forty-five seconds we were dead tired. The first thing you realize is how long three minutes is. Three minutes is forever.”

Phelps, the 14-time Olympic gold medalist, is mixing up his dryland training this time around in his lead-up to the 2012 London Olympics.

He has added more Olympic-style weightlifting exercises including free weight squats and power cleans, more running and boxing exercises.

Phelps said he is doing a few boxing exercises to improve his core strength and replicate movements he does in the pool.

Boxing has helped improve his form, tempo and muscle memory. He is forced to use his hips and entire body more when he works the heavy bag.

Different cross-training ideas help make it more interesting and fun for swimmers, boosting endurance and cardiovascular fitness level as well as helping to reduce mental staleness and fatigue.

So if Phelps packs more of a punch in the pool around 2012, you will know why.

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ISSUE ONE: Got Milk?

July 4, 2010, Issue One

Got milk?

For years, elite athletes including five-time Olympian Dara Torres and Olympic triathlon champion Simon Whitfield have been drinking milk or chocolate milk after workouts.

It turns out that studies have shown drinking milk actually benefits an athlete’s recovery.

According to results published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, replenishing your carbohydrate stores and supplementing with protein after a workout is the best way you can recover for the next workout.

Drinking chocolate milk helps the body rehydrate and rebuild muscle that has been sapped of energy during rigorous exercise.

A recent study at McMaster University in Hamilton printed in the June issue of Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise found women who drink two large glasses of milk a day after their weightlifting sessions gained more muscle and lost more fat compared to women who drink sugar-based energy drinks.

Researchers found similar results in men but the scientists were most surprised by the fat-fighting properties of milk.

Milk really does a body good!

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