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Senior Spotlight: Jose Pascual

Jose 2Pascual has committed to The University of Wisconsin-Madison and plans to major in Engineering. He graduated from Saint John Paul II Academy on May 20th, 2017.Pascual's decision to attend this University was an easy one, "I believe this school was made for me, everything about it appeals to me. The school offers me a balance which is hard to find." Pascual toured the campus the first week of April and was impressed with what it had to offer academically. U.S. News & World Report ranks UW–Madison ranked 13th among engineering programs nationwide, fourth in chemical engineering, and third in nuclear engineering. Pascual is also impressed with their top-rated athletic teams. He is looking forward to continuing his formal education there, "at Wisconsin I feel as if I could do anything I wanted to. The hands-on experience given to students in research is one of a kind as well as the organizations and clubs which enhance your experience."

He is also eagerly anticipating living in a different climate and in an attractive setting, "the campus is beautiful, right next to a big lake and with two forests and wildlife woods inside the campus. The campus is next to the city as well, which allows for many fun social activities and also outdoor activities".

Swimming will still be a part of Pascual's future, although he has no solid plans at the moment, "I am still talking to Bruno about my future in swimming but it is my plan to participate in their swimming program."

Pascual began swimming at only 2 years old as a result of his high risk for Asthma. He remembers, "the only way I could help it [asthma] was by swimming. When asked why he enjoys the sport, Pascual replied, "I love the fact that you can always improve, there is no limit to what you can do in swimming. You are constantly growing and learning from your mistakes and I believe that to be something important in life. I love the feeling of the water against my body and how I am able to move my body through the water to go faster. I love the challenges that come from swimming".

Jose 1He joined the CSSC family in August of 2014, and not only imporoved his skills and techniques, but also made some fond memories. One of his favorite experiences were when, "one of my friends who used to swim in the team decided we should do a summer video about the team and so we did. Filming it was the most fun and I will always remember that since while filming it I realized I had made true friends and was happy where I was." Pascual also fondly recalls competing with the team, "every single competition where we had to travel somewhere was an awesome memory, we would always have fun while dropping our times. Traveling to Purdue University for Futures was an awesome experience since then I grew more mature about swimming. Going to Mississippi was amazing too, I will always remember the food from Beverly. Lastly, going to the Ohio State University for Junior Nationals with Bruno was the best experience. I believe that was a breakthrough point in my career since I grew more mature and understood myself and the sport better."

Apart from swimming, Pascual also enjoys reading, learning new skills, program, coding, participating in outdoor activities (especially kayaking and wakeboarding), camping, traveling, practicing martial arts, working out, hanging out with friends, atending parties and meeting new people. 


HAT Sizzler and CSSC Invitational

May6 17 121

This past weekend Coral Springs Swim Club participated in 2 different local events. Our 8 and Younger swimmers attended the HAT Sizzler on Friday May 5th, then CSSC hosted an Invitational Meet our state-of-the-art facility from Saturday May 6th- Sunday, May 7th. It was an exciting weekend for our swimmers, coaches, volunteers, and fans alike.

The Mullins group attend the HAT Sizzler, which was held at the American Heritage School. Coach Bar Bogoslavsky thought that the Meet was “a success for our 8 and under swimmers” not only because the Mullins group produced some excellent swims, but also because “this meet gave me the opportunity to see the swimmers race in 25's only”. Coach Bar was especially proud “our relays” because they “killed it”. It was a great start to a weekend of competing.

Gianna Martin competed in 4 6 & Under events. She dropped 2 seconds in her 25 Fly and secured 2nd place at 25.95. Gianna also placed 2nd in her 25 Breast at 27.83. Sydney Larsen also skimmed time off her previous record in order to secure 2nd place. Sydney’s new record in her 25 Free is 25.46.

More impressive swims include Daniel Gil-Restrepo’s 4th place finish in his 6 & Under 25 Fly (31.90), Jorge Aguila’s 5th place finish in his 25 Free (17.82), and Mikhel Martin’s 6th place finish in her 25 Free (18.87).

Swimmers who also showcased their hard work during practice by dropping time include Alexander Mitov in his 25 Free (21.90), Breast (27.87), and Fly (28.44), Dominique Aris’ 3.68 drop in his 25 Fly (26.68), Grace Zhu’s 1.5 second drop in her 25 Back (30.15), Samantha Grossman’s drops in both her 25 Back and Free (27.44 and 31.27 respectively) and John Alborno’s 1 second drop in his 25 Breast (27.85).

Aveline Harding and Vanessa Rodriguez Walker both showed a passion for the sport. We can’t wait to see what their future holds.

Coach Bar was also impressed with her Mullins’ group’s performance at the Invitational, “we had a lot of best times and first time swims and it was an overall great weekend, some of the kids tried new events and it went very well.” Both the Mullins group and our older swimmers made the Meet a true success.

Delaney Biro was in top form at the Invitational. She placed 1st in her 400 Free (4:44.78) and 2nd in her 50 Fly (30.75), 100 Fly (1:09.34), and 100 Fly (1:04.07). Faith Fowler and Megan Schimansky both showed superior skill and technique in their Backstroke and beat out the rest of the competition and placing 1st (the 200 for Faith 2:37.18 and the 100 for Megan 1:12.23).

may17 inviteGregory Trimble placed 2nd in his 400 IM with an impressive time of 5:20.78. Riley McCormick earned a bronze victory in her 400 IM (6:05.29) while Gian Savino placed 4th in his 200 Breast (2:56.16). Micaela Sierra also placed 4th in her 50 Breast (36.93), as did Dominique Fajardo in her 50 Fly (31.32).

CSSC swimmers have been sharpening their skills and technique during the practice. This hard worked showed in the 200 IM, an event in which many of our swimmers created new personal records for themselves. Olivia Mason improved her time by over 40 seconds (2:51.79), Rhania Suarez improved her time by 29seconds (3:24.82), Mila Bond improved her time by 27 seconds (4:17.32), Kayleigh Didovic and Grace Nemanic both improved their times improved their times by 25 seconds (3:07.52 and respectively 3:08.76), Kaitlyn Bonasera by 24 seconds (3:46.31), Jason Bonasera dropped of nearly 18 seconds from his (2:40.44), Ryan Brander dropped over 11 seconds from his (3:02.74), Andres McKeon, David Blanco and Hailey Wells each dropped over 5 seconds from theirs (2:29.47, 2:41.32, and 1:12.82 respectively), and

Connor Marks and Wilson Ward each dropped 4 seconds from theirs (2:37.20 and 2:52.54 respectively). Samantha Schoenborn, Selina Guan, Sarah Schimansky, Nicole Palacios, and Amber Candido also achieved new personal records in their 200 IM heats.

More swimmers who showed time improvements include Kenan Kocoglu in his 50 Back (33.75) in which he finished 5th, Reese Maxwell in both her 100 Free (1:28.01) and 200 Free (3:04.51L) Oscar Dougherty in both his 100 Free (1:53.54) and 50 Breast (1:01.44), Kenneth Rattray in both his 50 Fly (1:06.36) and Breast (1:04.49, Mariana Montes and Carolyn Powell in their 200 Frees (2:54.29 and 3:05.03 respectively), Cole Narbonne in his 100 Fly (1:26.19),

The 100 Free was another race where many of our swimmers showed drastic improvement. Payton Schurr and Ysabella Sapp both shaved 40 seconds from their previous personal best times at 1:39.68 for Payton and 1:18.53 for Ysabella. Brian Gonzalez (1:02.58), Haley Most (2:02.15,), Addison Palumbo (1:51.36,), and Beckhem Korb (1:37.28), Sherwin Sterling (1:36.20), Evan NG (1:37.04), Brandon Schutz (1:04.04), Faith Suther (1:14.15), and Emma Viola (1:44.32) also achieved new personal records.

Coach Bar celebrated successes and utilized the Meet as an opportunity to guide future practices. She said, “This was a great way for Coach Jessica and I to see the swimmers perform and see what needs work on during practice. Coach Jessica and I look forward to training hard during the few upcoming months so that we can improve more in our upcoming meet”. She concluded, “overall it was a great weekend and I am looking forward to our next meet”.


Photo Gallery from the CSSC May Invitational

Photo Credit: Dave Brewington. All photos can be found at http://www.aboobarley.com





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Firecracker 400 and IMR Pentathlon

Sunrise IMR 117


Sunrise Swimming hosted their annual Firecracker 400 and IMR Pentathlon April 28-30, 2017 at the Sunrise Civic Center. Coral Springs was honored to compete with some of the best teams from Florida’s Gold Coast. Head Coach Bruno Darzi was pleased with the way CSSC competed at the event. He said that the “incredible results” were due to the fact that “we had exceptional time drops in all age groups from top to bottom.”

Three of our swimmers crushed their competition by earning 1st place in three different events in which they participated. Brian Gonzalez placed 1st in his 400 Free (4:34.70) by dropping 6.4 seconds from his previous record, in his 400 IM (5:21.13) with another impressive drop of nearly 11 seconds, as well as his 100 Fly (1:10.64). Riley McCormick also shaved time from her previous personal bests in order to secure 3 1st place victories. She beat her previous record in her 50 Fly by over 2 seconds for a final time of 33.50, her 50 Back by 7 seconds for a final time of 37.20, and her 200 IM by 8.5 seconds for a final time of 2:47.57. Megan Schimansky finished 1st in her 400 Free (4:44.15), 400 IM (5:35.57), and 100 Back (1:14.45).  Schimansky also notably came in 2nd in the remainder of races in which she competed at the event including her 100 Fly (1:24.99), her 100 Breast (1:39.33), and her 200 Free (2:22.28). Samantha Schoenborn commanded 1st in both her 50 Breast and 200 IM with respective times of 48.91 and 3:21.23.

IMR 2017 April 01

With even more noteworthy 1st place finishes it was evident that CSSC swimmers and coaches have been working hard at practice to improve their time, technique, and skill. Carolyn Powell shaved time from both her 50 Back (43.95) and her 100 Free (1:21.00) in order to win 2 1st place victories at the event. Sarah Schimansky improved her time in her 100 Back by 3.6 seconds at 1:24.30. Schimansky also placed 1st in her 200 Free with an impressive time of 2:26.67L. Gian Savino also had 2 1st place finishes, one in his 100 Breast (1:19.91) and the other in his 400 IM (5:40.69).

Jason Bonasera achieved 1st place by shaving over 30 seconds from his previous record in his 400 Free (4:46.61) while Giulianna Garcia shaved nearly 8 seconds from her 400 IM (5:30.35). Connor Marks also improved his previous 400 IM record and secured 1st place at 5:26.57, a 19 second improvement. Mariana Montes shaved 6.7 seconds from her 50 Fly (42.72), while Wilson Ward shaved 6.7 seconds from his 100 Breast (1:24.71), each securing 1st. Grant Aran also impressively placed 1st in his 200 Free (2:14.60).

Olivia Reposa achieved 2nd place in three different events including her 400 Free (5:16.48), her 100 Fly (1:25.16) and her 200 Free (2:31.51). Reposa placed 3rd in the 3 remaining events in which she participated. Gannen Tages placed 2nd in both his 100 Fly and Breast (1:15.57 and 1:25.73 respectively) while Ashley Ruf also enjoyed a 2nd place finish in her 200 Free (2:43.17).

More notable placements from the weekend include Samuel McCormick and Andres McKeon’s 2nd place finish in their 200 Frees with respective times of 2:34.90 and 2:05.94, Ashley Nagy’s 2nd place finish in her 100 Fly (1:33.78), Emily Robertson’s 2nd place finish in her 50 Back (38.19), Lilla Megyeri’s 3rd place finish in her 50 Fly (44.59)

Impressive time drops were seen in many IM swims including Gregory Trimble’s 4.6 second drop in his 400 for a 3rd place finish at 5:12.43, Daniella Balkom’s 20 second drop for a 3rd place finish in her 200 at 3:09.50, Alejandro Alvarez’s 9 second drop for a 4th place finish in his 200 at 3:07.96L, Amber Candido’s 11 second drop for a 5rd place finish in her 400 at 6:06.74, and Guillermo Barrios’ 26 second drop in his 400 for an 8th place finish at 5:37.09,

The Free was another race where we saw significant improvement over the weekend. Marli Dearen shaved 21 seconds from her previous record in her 200 for a new personal best of 2:47.08 while Faith Fowler shaved nearly 14 seconds from her 400 for a new personal best of 4:54.93. Both Dearen and Fowler placed 4th in their respective races. Alejandra Gil beat her previous record by 2.5 seconds and finished in 5th place at 1:33.28. More impressive Freestyle time drops include Olivia Mason who dropped 23 seconds from her 400 (5:05.98), Fernando Calero, who dropped nearly 40 seconds from his 200 (3:21.28), Mila Bond, who dropped 25 seconds from her 100 (1:29.33), Madison Hockman, who dropped 7 seconds from her 200 (2:46.10), and Grayson Yellin, who dropped 32 seconds from his 200 (3:00.77).

Selina Guan tackled her 50 Fly with determination and managed to improve her time by nearly 14 seconds (52.57) as did Sherwin Sterling for  a 2 second improvement and 7th place finish at 48.50. Miguel Kocoglu improved his Breaststroke by nearly 10 seconds for a 4th place finish in his 50 at 44.61. More noteworthy Breaststroke swims include Ysabella Sapp’s improvement of 19 seconds in her 50 (51.13), Brandon Schutz’s improvement of 15 seconds in his 100 (1:31.45).

Darzi is optimistic that the results of this meet will continue throughout the season. He said, “I am excited to see how our kids will perform at our first long course meet of the season this weekend."




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