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CSSC Bowling Night

2018 cssc bowling slide

On January 6th, CSSC had our team bonding event at the bowling alley and boy was it a hit! We had a great turn out! It was a great way for the kids to let loose and have some fun with their teammates and coaches and get to know other swimmers on the club. This is definitely something we will be doing more of in the future!

Thank you to all the parents who brought their kids out to this great event! Don't forget we have our team bonding event at the Panthers game Saturday February 24th! It is still not too late to RSVP! We hope everyone had as much fun as the coaches did and we look forward to seeing you guys in more team bonding events!


Photo Credits: Lorena Schoenborn


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Sprint Invitational Hosted by CSSC


Coral Springs Swim Club hosted the 2017 Sprint invitational last weekend,  December 9th and 10th. The temperatures were unseasonably low for South Florida, but the meet was a success despite the cooler weather. Coach Bar Bogoslavsky was proud of her Mullins’ Group’s ability to withstand adverse conditions. She said, “Despite the cold weather Mullins swimmers showed up and were ready to race!”. Coach Brittany Bellomo added, “I wanted to give a special shout out to my 13 troopers who came out and swam in the 45 degree weather, Despite the cold, these swimmers showed pure dedication today and gave it their all with everyone either  improving in every event in which they swam or for those who had no time previously posting, an outstanding benchmark time.”


Highlights from the CSSC Mullins group who participated in the invitational include 7-year-old Braelyn Thorpe’s 3 first place finishes and 8-year-old Jorge Aguila’s 1st and 2nd place finishes. Thorpe beat out the competition in every event in which she participated while achieving new personal records. She dropped nearly 2 seconds from both her 100 Free (1:21.77) and her 100 IM (1:38.38) and 3.6 seconds from her 50 Back (43.01). Aguila also dropped time to place. He dropped nearly 10 seconds from his 100 Free, finishing first at  1:23.02 and .1 second from his 100 IM (1:23.02), finishing in 2nd.


More Mullins stand-out performances include Katherine Luong and Katelyn Lay, who both had best times in their 50 Backs (51.40 and 47.63 respectively), John Albornoz, who shaved off 26 seconds from his 100 IM (1:42.32) and 40 seconds from his 100 Free (1:25.02), Addison Palumbo, who shaved 10 seconds from her 100 IM (1:51.06) and 4 seconds from her 100 Free (1:36.30), Anthony Palumbo, who dropped 13 seconds from his 100 IM (1:33.22) and 3 seconds from his 100 Free (1:24.37), and Samantha Grossman, who improved her time in her 100 IM (1:56.46) by 14 seconds and 10 seconds from her 100 Free (1:38.49).


More time drops from the Mullins Group include  Cailin Duggins 3 seconds drop in her 100 Free (2:00.65), Courtney Hartung’s 2 second drop in her 100 IM (1:32.51) and 50 Fly (37.35),  Alejandra Silva’s 21 second drop in her 100 IM (1:44.59), Camden Dumas’ nearly 18 second drop in her 100 Free (1:28.73) and 3 second drop  in her 50 Back (51.19),  Nicolas Espinosa’s 2 second drop in his 100 Free (51.19), Riley Johnson’s 10 second drop in her 100 IM (1:34.54) and 6 second drop in her 100 Free (1:22.27), and Sebastian Sterling’s 12 second drop  in his 100 IM (1:32.41) and 9 second drop in his 100 Free (1:18.37). Delainey George-Crompton also set a new personal record in her 50 Back at  51.90 as did Emma Viola in both her 100 IM at 1:48.05 and 50 Back at 46.92, Valentina Diaz and Miles Barnhart also swam excellent times in their events this past weekend. Coach Bar reports that all of the Mullins Coaches are, “very proud of all the hard work our swimmers have been putting in during practice and the results show that they are training hard” and added “we look forward to another great year coaching our kids and watching them improve”.

Coach Bellamo also had a lot to be proud of from her swimmers’ performances. Molly Chaison dropped nearly 17 seconds from her 100 IM for a 2nd place finish at 1:51.56 and nearly 10 seconds from her 100 Free for a 3rd place finish at 1:35.84. Contessa Gilley also dropped significant time in 2 events, nearly 25 seconds from her 100 IM (1:49.97) and nearly 20 seconds from her 100 Free (1:45.73). Sophia El Chantiry broke 40 seconds in her 50 Fly finishing at 39.91 and is only 2 seconds shy of hitting a JO qualifying time, and Sebastian Fahnestock dropped 3 seconds from his 50 Back at  54.04,  Alex Taus-Nita swam an excellent 100 Free at  1:19.57 while Bradley DiPaolo and Jerson Dulis swam entertaining 100 Frees with a neck and neck race, finishing in 6th and 7th place with respective times of 1:37.40 and 1:38.70.


Ally Lake and Marley James both finished their 100 Frees at 1:37 and Madison Laski posted a 1:54 in her first ever 100 Free in which she placed 5th .Joshua DeSouza, Riley Walsh, and Isla El Chantiry each also competed in the 100 Free for the first time over the weekend finishing with impressive respective times of  1:45.97, 1:32.56, and  2:14.69. Coach Bellamo beamed, “I couldn’t be more proud of these kids”.  

More of swimmers also performed well at the invitational. Mariana Montes swam personal best times in the 4 events in which she competed and placed 1st in her 100 Free at 1:07.45, 2nd in her 100 IM at  1:19.69, 3rd in her 50 Fly at 34.14 and 5th in her 50 Back at 38.78. Ryan Miller also performed well in his 4 events and placed 1st in his 100 Breast at 1:31.08, 2nd in both his 100 IM and 50 Back with respective times of 1:19.30 and  37.98Y, and 3rd in his 100 Free at 1:08.12. Payton Ward shaved time off of both her 100 Breast and 50 Fly for 1st place finishes in each with respective times of 1:16.55 and 30.05. Ward also placed 2nd in her 100 IM (1:11.13) and her 100 Free (1:00.43). Brittney Bean placed 5th in her 100 Breast at 1:30.97.


Isabella Perez blew past her competition in her 100 Breast for a 1st place finish at 1:30.15, as did Megan Schimansky in her 50 Back at 28.71. Carolyn Powell scored 3 3rd place finishes in her 100 IM (1:19.73), 50 Back (35.25), and 100 Free (1:07.56) while also improving her 50 Fly time by 6.6 seconds for a 4th place finish at 34.76. Kaitlyn Bonasera also improved her time in 4 events and placed 4th in both her 100 Free (1:03.70) and her 50 Back (34.28).


Nicole Creed placed 2nd in her 50 Back at  33.28 and 3rd in her 100 Free at 1:01.86. Mila Bond placed 5th in her 100 Breast at 1:41.67 while Connor Marks placed 7th place in his 100 Free (51.13). Guillermo Barrios improved his 50 Back time, resulting in an 8th place finish at 28.68.


Swimmers who also achieved new personal records include Cole Narbonne in his 50 Back (36.02), 100 Free (1:00.15), and 50 Fly ( 33.75), Ryan and John Lynch in both their 100 Frees (1:19.14 and 1:01.63 respectively), Jason Bonasera in his 50 Back (29.77), Shelsie Olivo in her 50 Fly (33.00), Ryan Brander and Amber Candido in their 50 Fly’s (33.83 and 32.39 respectively),  and Sarah Laplant in her 100 Free (1:04.73).


Brandon Jackson improved his 100 IM by over 7 seconds with a new personal best time of 1:10.60 while Alejandro Alvarez improved his by nearly 4 seconds (1:11.23). Savannah Korb shaved over 12 seconds from her 100 Free (1:19.53) while Beckhem Korb shaved 6 from his (1:25.36). Ryan Brander improved his 50 Fly by 4 seconds (33.83) while Amber Candido improved hers by over 3 seconds (32.39).


Coach Bar expressed sentiments that best convey how CSSC coaches, swimmers, parents, volunteers and fans felt about the event by saying, “what an amazing way to close out the year!”. 2017 has indeed been an exciting year for the swim community and we cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for CSSC.  


Photo Credits: Dave Brewington

(for all the photos please visit aboobarley.com)

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2017 Fitter Faster swim clinic

On December 2nd, CSSC was delighted to host the Slay the DRAGon high performance swim clinic, led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary.

Photo Credits: Jodi Thorpe and Bruno Darzi


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