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VOLUNTEER – The life's blood of a swim team. Parents, siblings, and friends are an integral part of the success of a swim team. Except for coaches and lifeguards, every person you see on deck, at the gate, in the concession stand, under the tent, and in the hospitality room is a volunteer.

The joy of helping your child and his or her teammates is priceless. The example is pure. There are other ways to measure success besides winning swim meets. And, there is room for every parent of every swimmer to contribute to the success of this team.

All of the Volunteer positions positions are color coded. The green are not absolutely necessary to put on a meet; the blue are mandatory.


Administrative Volunteer Positions

The volunteer positions which are not directly involved in running swim meets:

  • All Booster Club Executive Board Positions
    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
  • Registrar
    • Processes all Swimmer new registrations and collects the annual dues/USA Swimming membership fees
  • Webmaster
    • Maintains the club web site
  • Welcome Committee Chair
    • Contacts new swim families and acquaints them with CSSC, offering information and answering questions
  • Social Committee(s)
    • Organize and execute the annual awards banquets
    • Plan and organize club outings
  • Chaperones
    • Ensure that travel meets are fun and safe

Meet Management Volunteer Positions

People in these positions are responsible for various operational aspects of a swim meet. Most of these positions require training and experience. They often have supervisory responsibilities as well:

  • Meet Director
    • Facilitates preparation, coordination and management of all home meets
    • Works closely with the coaches and the City of Coral Springs Aquatic Complex staff to make certain that the equipment and personnel needed for running the meet are in place prior to the start of the meet
    • Becomes the primary troubleshooter once the meet referee takes charge of the meet
    • Ensures that all aspects of the meet run smoothly
  • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Determines how many volunteer are needed for a given meet
    • Ensures that all volunteer positions are filled before the start of a home meet (short description, tall job)
  • Officials
    • At minimum, a meet referee, starter and one stroke and turn judge, all of whom are certified by USA Swimming. At major meets only coaches and timers will outnumber officials, not counting swimmers, of course
  • Meet Marshal(s)
    • Ensure the deck is a safe and orderly environment
    • Must be a registered non-athlete member of USA Swimming
    • Mandatory position(s) for USA Swimming sanction
  • Chief Gate Keeper
    • Responsible for all sales transactions at the gate:
      • Entry fee collection
      • Heat sheet sales
      • T-Shirt and other item sales
    • Procures gate sale items
  • Technical Clerk of Course
    • Handles all administrative clerk of course functions, using Hy-tek's Meet Manager:
      • Processes all swimmer paperwork
      • Applies the meet information rules to create properly seeded events
      • Produces all meet documents
      • Compiles all meet results
    • Trains and manages Meet PC operators
    • Not responsible for walking swimmers to the starting blocks!
  • Chief Timing System Operator
    • Oversees the operation of our Daktronics electronic timing system
    • Trains timing console operators
  • Head Timer
    • Trains the volunteer timers on proper use of watches and backup buttons
    • Familiarizes timers with procedures to ensure accurate times are recorded
    • Oversees lane timer operations during the meet
  • Hospitality Coordinator
    • Plans, oversees and sets up meals for volunteers and coaches during meet sessions
    • Oversees clean up and storage of club equipment at meet end
  • Chief Concessionaire
    • Sets up and runs the club concession booths
    • Purchases all bulk goods for concessions and hospitality

Line Volunteer Positions

These positions are the meat of the volunteer effort

  • Timer(s)
    • Capture and records swimmers' time
    • Best place to start as a swim volunteer
    • See the Timer's Briefing for details
  • Timing Console Operator(s)
    • Operate the electronic scoring system
  • Hospitality Assistant(s)
    • provide food and beverage for officials, coaches, and volunteers (we work for food...and T-shirts, too!)
  • Admissions & Gate Sales Clerk(s)
    • Collect admission fees
    • Sell heat sheets
    • Sell t-shirts and other items
  • Awards Assistant(s)
    • Assemble, sort and distribute awards
  • Concessions Assistant(s)
    • Work the club concessions booths
  • Bullpen organizer(s) & Lane Parent(s)
    • direct swimmers within the starting area at Sizzlers
    • organize processions at large meets like the JO's

If the statistics are accurate, as many as five per cent of those who read this will be unable to tell which jobs are green and which are blue. It doesn't matter. USA Swimming mandates certain jobs. One can not have a sanctioned swimming meet without them. However, if those are the only slots filled, it won't be much of a meet. And, no one will be willing to send their child to a second one.

Simply put, all of the jobs listed above need doing at a swim meet. They may not be mandatory, but all of these positions are necessary. The smallest, most stripped down 8-lane sizzler with 75 to 150 kids requires a minimum of 22 volunteers for half an hour to 45 minutes. A single Junior Olympics prelim session needs at least 36 timers, not to mention all of the other slots, for 2 1/2 to 4 hours.

So look the list over. There is something on it for everyone. And, when the next home meet rolls around, pitch in. You won't regret it.

If you have questions, don't hesitate. Talk to any of the board members, or, get in touch with our volunteer coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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