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Message from the Board

Thank you to all the swimmers and families that attended the 2015 CSSC Swim Banquet. It was a great night celebrating another year of swimming. Our next home meet will be The Michael Lohberg Invitational June 19th-21st. This is a prelims and finals meet so we will need many volunteers. Please come out and help volunteer.

Thank you for all your support.

CSSC Board of Directors


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National Team

CSSC Head Coach Bruno Darzi

CSSC Head Coach Bruno Darzi

May was a month that we used to build up our endurance training while working on a lot of speed work. We hosted our very first long course of meet of the year, and even though we dealt with some equipment problems, the results were very promising. We had significant time drops and we were able to evaluate where we were in the season. See the results below:

Gabby Beltrano swam 4 personal best times, including a monster drop of over 32 seconds in the 400-meter freestyle. Delaney Biro also swam 4 personal best time. She earned the silver in 200-meter individual medley and 400-meter freestyle, while taking the bronze in the 200-meter freestyle. Rachel Botting had an incredible meet. She improved in all of her events. She shaved off over 9 seconds in the 400-meter freestyle and almost 7 seconds in the 200-meter individual medley. Swimming the 400-meter individual medley for the very first time, Rachel took the silver with the time of 5:50.85. Catharine Cooper took first place in the 50-meter freestyle, and finished 6th in the 100-meter freestyle. Nico Ferrara improved his 100-meter butterfly by over 2 seconds, and nearly tied his best 50-meter freestyle time. Acacia Jones swam 6 events and 6 new personal best times. She dropped over 16 seconds in the 400-meter individual medley, finishing 3rd overall. Connor Marks has made improvements in all strokes. He dropped almost 30 seconds in the 200-meter individual medley, and shaved off nearly 2 minutes in the 400-meter freestyle. Connor took the gold in the 400-meter freestyle and the 200-meter backstroke. Bryce Pierce improved his 400-meter freestyle by over 23 seconds. Lindsey Sauer finished 7th in the 200-meter individual medley, and placed 9th in the 100-meter butterfly. Gianluca Savino swam 6 new personal best times. He finished 5th in the 100-meter breaststroke and 400-meter freestyle. Megan Schimansky dropped over 1 minute in the 400-meter individual medley. She took the bronze in 4 different events, and swam 4 new best times. Sebastian Vargas placed 3rd in the 200-meter butterfly, and 9th in the 100-meter butterfly. Hannah Virgin won the 200-meter individual medley. She placed 2nd in the 200-meter freestyle and 100-meter butterfly. Rebecca Wilkerson dropped over 20 seconds in the 400-meter freestyle and bettered her 100-meter breaststroke by over ½ second, earning the silver in that event. Henrique Yamamoto swam a best time in the 400-meter freestyle and had a strong 50-meter freestyle.

As the Michael Lohberg International Invitational approaches, we will increase the intensity during the workouts, and will start doing doubles after school is over. The overall training schedule will become more demanding with 3 additional training sessions per week. I am excited to see how the kids will handle the summer training routine.

See you at the pool

- Bruno Darzi

Senior 1

junior temotio

May was an awesome month for the Senior 1 group. We spent a good time working on technique, starts, turns and breakouts. We learned a lot this month in and out of the water, we are getting very strong for the upcoming meets. We had many personal best times so far and many first time swims in different events which it a great learning experience for everyone.  We are looking forward to summer schedule which will give us more time in the water to get better and better. Again, May was great month for the group in general and I saw a lot of improvements. We are getting stronger as group every day! Looking forward to next couple of months.


-Coach Junior


Senior 2A

Coach Dave Cowmeadow - Senior 2a

May was an amazing month of swimming and preparation for the Senior 2A program.  Most swimmers saw very significant time drops in their first meet of the long-course season.  Even more impressive, was with a fast turn-around between meets, most swimmers saw even more time dropping off.  That's quite an accomplishment!!  We are moving into the heart of the season and the summer training time for Senior 2A will switch on June 8th- mid August to 8am-10am Mon-Fri.  A special congratulations to Daria Chiarella and Dennis Hopkins for being male and female Senior 2A swimmers of the year!!  You two represent what swimming and positive attitude are all about! I'll see you on the deck.

-Coach Dave


Senior IIB

Coach Kayla Abram- Senior 2b

The month of May brought a lot of fast times for Senior 2B swimmers! At the Coral Springs invitational we had a lot of swimmers drop time and go best times! Ian Lee dropped 6 seconds on his 100 free (1:15:56) and Brandon Schutz dropped 5 seconds (1:10:13). Nathan Tauzer and Hayden Conrad both swam it for the first time in a long course meet and did awesome. Nathan with a 1:29 and Hayden with a 1:18. Great job guys! On Sunday, Thersa Carr and Anna Gally both tried the 200 freestyle and did great! Daniela Ortiz swam 100 butterfly perfectly and got a best time. All girls in the 50 free swam under :39 (Nicole Valqui, Megan Sharma, Kendall Roush, Thersea Carr, Daniela Ortiz)and Anna Gally dropped 6 seconds from last time! Great job everyone!

We have been doing more distance work getting ready for Area 2 Championships July 10-12. Keep up the great work everyone!


-Coach Kayla


White and Blue

Coach Irina

Hello Swimmers and Families,

White and Blue swimmers are off to a great start to their Long Course season! In the White group, Kaitlyn Armbruster has been working hard in practice and has also started to show some great leadership and encouragement to her teammates during workout. Not only has she shown great improvement in practice, its shows in her performance at meets. At the Coral Springs Invite on May 16-17, Kaitlyn secured 5 JO cuts out of her six swims. She also has four “A” times which include the 200 free, 100 fly and 100 back and 50 fly in which she will swim at the Michael Lohberg Invitational in June. Riley Botting did an excellent job at the CSSC invite where finished first in the 100 breaststroke (1:30.68). She also dropped 5.91 seconds in her 200 IM 2:58.70 (AAA). In the 100 back she finished with 1:29.94 (-5.22, AA) and in the 50 breast, she finished with a AAAA time of 41.33 (-1.74).  At the Jupiter invite on April 25th and 26th, Riley McCormick received both a JO cut and an “A” time in her 50 fly (41.17) and 100 breast (1:45.04) which will qualify her for the Michael Lohberg meet as well. Elisabeth Olson got her first long course JO cut in the 50 fly at the CSSC invite with a time of 41.48 which is also another “A” time! Willow Holmes got her JO cut in the 50 backstroke (43.68) and both Nicole Palacios, Sarah Tauzer and Payton Ward finished the CSSC invite with 100% best times. Emily Robertson has a great start to her long course season with seven “A” times so far! A special shout out to her fourth place finish in the 100 free (1:17.32) and her 50 fly (39.22) along with her seven second drop in the 200 free (2:51.65). As for the boys in the White group, Pete Pokatragool finished in 4th place in the 50 breaststroke (50.36) and also secured a JO cut in his 50 free with a time of 37.06. Alejandro Alvarez got his first JO cut in the 50 fly with a two second drop and a time of 41.81. He also finished in 4th place in the 10 and under 100 backstroke. Ben McCrackin had a great meet in Jupiter and got his first JO cut in the 200 free with a time of 2.59.84.

In the Blue group, Anna Kasperski finished first in the 100 fly at the Coral Springs Invite with a (AA) time of 1:16.10 and third place in the 100 free (1.08.32, AA). She also has obtained six JO cuts, all of which qualify her for the Michael Lohberg Invitational. Faith Flower starts off her season with seven JO cuts, six of which qualify her for the Michael Lohberg Invitational. She finished in second place in the 100 backstroke at the Coral Springs Invite with a 1.5 second drop and a time of 1:19.54 (AA). She also dropped a whopping 15 seconds in her 200 IM with a time of 2:55.32 (A). Giulianna Garcia is adjusting to the 11-12 age group very well with 100% best times at the CSSC invite. She finished in second place behind Anna Kasperski in the 100 fly with a time of 1:20.30 (A). She also had a great 200 IM with a five second drop and a new best time of 2:54.47 (A). Oliva Mason starts out her season with four JO cuts, three of which are A times in the 50 fly, 50 breast and 50 free. Cara Virgin finished in first place in the 50 breaststroke at the Jupiter invite and secured four JO cuts so far in her season. Sarah Schimansky finished in seventh place in her 400 free with a 17 second drop and a time of 5:18.20 (A). She also dropped ten seconds in her 200 IM and obtained a JO cut in her 200 free with a time of 2:35.33 (A). There was also a group of tough Blue swimmers who swam the 100 fly. The girls all swam in the same heat which included Sarah Laplant (1:54.07), Sofia Barrios (1:14.16, -28 seconds), Cara Virgin (1:35.40), Anna Kasperski (1:16.10, AA), Faith Fowler (1:33.53). As for the boys, Cody Chin starts off his long curse season with 8 JO cuts, four of which qualify him for the Michael Lohberg Invitational. Luc Ferrara has six JO cuts ready to go and had a great 200 IM swim with a time of 2:59.64. Brian Gonzalez has obtained 100% best times, nine new long course JO cuts and seven cuts for the Lohberg invitational. Brian dropped 8 seconds in his 200 IM with a finishing time of 2:52.87 (A) and 5 seconds in his 200 free with a 2:30.59 (A). Ian McCracken got his JO cut in the 50 fly and dropped 11 seconds in his 100 free with a time of 1:15.19. And the group of boys who swam the 100 fly included: Cody Chin (1:22.97), Ian McCracken (1:26.56), Luc Ferrara (1:21.23, JO), Brian Gonzalez (1:19.05, A).

This past Saturday, we were very excited to get dressed up and we celebrated another great year at CSSC during our team Banquet.

We are excited about our great kick start to the long course season and look forward to our upcoming meets in Plantation and the Michael Lohberg Invitational in June. We hope to see everyone at the pool!

See you at the pool,
- Coach Irina


Coach Jessica Long- Mullins

Hapy June Mullins parents!
Summer is here! We are very excited as we do have a busy month ahead!

Our 8& under swimmers will be competing in the Azura Sizzler and we are excited to see them swim well!

We have the North Palm Beach Kickoff meet at Plantation and we will have our swimmers representing Mullins! Very excited to be swimming long course again after having about a month to continue our training!

Don't forget that we will be in morning practice starting June 8th! Please make every effort the attend the morning so that the weather does not become an issue when getting our practice sessions in! Thank you for your help!


- Coach Jessica





Top Tips for Including Quality Protein

By Chris Rosenbloom, PhD, RDN, CSSD

Milk and Cottage Cheese Illustration. (Medium)

“Little Miss Swimmer sat at the poolside, eating her casein and whey. 
Along came a rival who sat down beside her and Miss Swimmer blew her competition away.”

(With apologies to fans of nursery rhymes).

Swimmers of all ages are asking about the proteins whey and casein. Are they the super stars of proteins? Should swimmers use whey and casein supplements for training and recovery? My answer is yes and no to these questions. No, supplements are not needed, and we all know that supplements can be unsafe and expensive. The “yes” part of the answer is that dairy foods are great sources of these proteins, so it is easy, less expensive and decidedly tastier to get these proteins from foods.

Dr. Stu Phillips, an expert in protein and exercise at McMaster University in Canada describes protein’s role in muscle building in this way:  “The provision of protein is absolutely necessary for optimal adaptation to exercise training. The remodelling of proteins is how our muscles and bones adapt to the stress of exercise and efficient remodelling is part of efficient recovery. Milk proteins – whey and casein – are the highest quality proteins available and are unique in their capacity to promote muscle protein remodelling. The rapidly-digested whey protein is high in leucine, which when it rises in the blood and muscle triggers the process of protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is then sustained by the amino acids that follow, which come from the more slowly digested casein protein.”

Milk protein is often considered an ideal protein source for athletes because milk contains both whey (18% of cow’s milk is whey) and casein (82%). Milk also has the advantage of containing carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, and contributes fluid and electrolytes lost during exercise to aid in hydration. About 2 cups (16 ounces) of milk provides about 20 grams of protein, the amount needed to stimulate muscle protein building. The whey portion of milk is rich in the amino acid leucine. 

Casein, the other protein in milk is more slowly digested than whey. New research shows that consuming casein before bed allows additional benefit in improving muscle protein synthesis and overnight protein balance. A rich source of casein, in addition to milk, is cottage cheese. Try blending cottage cheese with your favorite fruit for a bedtime smoothie. 

To get the benefits of whey and casein on muscle building, eat protein throughout the day. Aim for about 20 grams at each of three meals and bedtime snack of about 40 grams of protein. Here is what that might look like with the protein portion (many swimmers need more calories than found in these examples.)

Breakfast: 1 hard-boiled egg, a cup of Greek yogurt with a nutty granola mixed into the yogurt.

Lunch: 2 ounces of lean roast beef with 1 slice of cheddar cheese on whole grain bun

Dinner: 3 ounces of chicken breast with brown rice, steamed veggies and green salad

Bedtime snack: 1 cup cottage cheese with fruit and almonds 

Chris Rosenbloom is a professor emerita of nutrition at Georgia State University and provides sports nutrition consulting services to athletes of all ages. She has no ties to the dairy industry aside from liking milk. She is the editor-in-chief of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Sports Nutrition Manual, 5th edition and editor-in-chief of an online Sports Nutrition Care Manual for health care professionals. She welcomes questions from swimmers, parents and coaches. Email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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