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Message from the Board

We would like to thank all the families, swimmers and coaches who participated in the Women's Wellness Race. Coral Springs Swim Club won the Team with Most Members for the 2nd year in a row. Everyone ran very well and CSSC swept the awards again this year. Thank you for supporting this event.

On Sunday April 27th from 3-6pm there will be a Splash Bash swim party at the Aquatic Complex  for all CSSC swimmers and families. It will be a day of fun around the pool for everyone. We hope to see everyone there.

We still have limited supplies of CSSC apparel items available for sale, including v-neck shirts, tie-dye shirts and girls and boys shorts in various sizes.  Please contact Sharyn Mason at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase apparel.
One last reminder, the annual banquet is Thursday May 22nd 6-10pm at Kol Tikvah  in Parkland. Invitations will be mailed out soon to all families. Next home meet is May 17-18th. 

Thank you for all your support,
CSSC Board of Directors

National Team

CSSC Head Coach Bruno Darzi

bruno-darziMarch madness is finally over!!! We had championships after championships. Starting out with the Area 2 Champs, where most of our developing swimmers participated in. Then off to the Junior Olympics at home, where our swimmers and volunteers did an amazing job. Sectionals was the 3rd championships in our calendar, followed by the Senior Championships a week later. Even though we still have a few swimmers training for 2 championship meets, most of the national team swimmers have taken a week off to recharge the batteries and get ready for another long course season.

At Jo’s, Logan Confer did well swimming best times in all four of his events. Cathy Cooper finished 2nd in the 50 free, 7th in the 200 free and 5th in the 100 free. Isabella Pittinger finished 9th in both 100 butterfly and backstroke. She finished 5th in the 50 butterfly.  Bella also swam a personal best time in the 100 butterfly at time trials.  Megan Schimansky swam all backstroke races, finishing 3rd in the 200, 4th in the 100 and 2nd in the 50. Hannah Virgin earned the silver in the 50 breaststroke, 3rd in both 100 and 200 breast and placed 10th in the 50 butterfly.

At Sectionals, Brian Arnaud bested his times in all of his events, finishing 8th in the 100 breaststroke and 10th in the 200 of the same event.  Stephanie Campo had a great 800 freestyle, finishing 6th and placing 8th in the 400 freestyle.  Cathy Cooper finished 7th in the 50 free and 11th in the 100 free. Swimming in the C final, Kyle Desrosiers improve time sin all of his events, finishing 25th in the 100 free and 28th in the 50 free. Alex Evdokimov finished 4th in the 100 breast and 7th in the 200.  Emma Lincoln finished 6th in the 100 free and 16th in the 100 butterfly. Sam Rot finished 24th in the 100 freestyle. Megan Schimansky dropped almost 50 seconds in the 1500 free and finished 9th in the 200 backstroke. Sebastian Vargas finished 19th in the 200 butterfly.  Hannah Virgin swam 3 personal best time in the 200 IM, 100 and 200 breaststroke. She placed 10th in the 200 breast and 18th in the 100.

To wrap up the season, at Senior Championships, our swimmers did extremely well, finishing the meet 5th overall in the team scores. Brian Arnaud finished 5th in 100 free, 50 breast and 200 breast. Stephanie Campo finished 6th in the 100 backstroke and 9th in the 50 backstroke. Logan Confer, swimming at the senior meet for the first time, finished 32nd in the 50 backstroke. Cathy Cooper finished 2nd in the 50 free and 11th in the 100 free. Kyle Desrosiers finished 4th in the 100 free and 17th and 50 butterfly and was a crucial member of all of our relays. Alex Evdokimov paced 3rd in the 200 breast and 4th in the 100. Audrey Mason placed 13th in the 500 freestyle. Sam Roth placed 3rd in the 100 free and 5th in the 100. Megan Schimansky only swam the 200 backstroke, finishing 2nd and breaking Brittany Monaghan’s CSSC record from 2005. Sebastian Vargas finaled in all of his events, finishing 6th in the 200 butterfly and 7th in the 200IM. Henrique Yamamoto swam best times in all of his events, finishing 11th in the 400 IM and 12th in the 200 IM.

Swimmers were given 1 week off to recharge and will be back in the water soon. It’s time to focus on the long course season.

Senior I

Senior 1 Coach Chris JacksonMarch has been a month full of high level competition for Senior 1. We began our saga at the Area 2 Champs held at Sunrise Aquatics. This is a prelims/finals meet that was our kid’s last chance to achieve JO qualifying times. My swimmers started the month off with a bang! 6 of my swimmers managed to produce 43 best times and multiple JO cuts! Notable performances: Guy Bogoslavsky dropped 4 seconds in the 500 free and 4 in the 50 back- Maya Ginzburg dropped 5 in the 200 im- Danny Gomez dropped 4 in the 200 free, 7 in the 500 free, 4 in the 200 im and 3 in the 100 fly. Awesome start to a long month!
Up next was the Junior Olympics held at The Coral Springs Aquatic Complex. This was another good meet for Senior 1. 8 swimmers produced 20 best times! It’s pretty impressive considering half of them made cuts the week before. That’s a nice step in the right direction for our young swimmers! Notable performances: Guy Bogoslavsky dropped 5 in the 500 free- Nick Dworet dropped 13 in the 500 and 3 in the 200 im- Danny Gomez dropped 7 in the 400 im- Alexio Musleh dropped 7 in the 200 breast. Another good weekend for Senior 1!
Sectional Champs was our 3rd meet of the month hosted by Plantation Swim Team. This was another prelims/finals meet as all 4 in the month were. At this point the tide shifts towards our older kids, but the younger ones did participate. I think this was a learning experience for all involved considering the lack of excitement at the meet. 9 Senior 1 swimmers produced 19 best times! Notable performances: Alexio Musleh dropped 5 in the 200 free and 4 in the 100 fly- Brendan Tetters dropped 10 in the 100 fly and 3 in the 50 free. On to the next one..
Finally Senior Champs was here! After 3 weekends of competition everyone was tired but that did not stop The Coral Springs Swim Club from having fun and swimming fast! This meet really brought our club together. It was great to see swimmers feeding off other performances, awesome relays and younger swimmers getting a chance to see what they have to look forward to. That’s what it’s all about! Senior 1 had 15 swimmers that produced 49 best times! Notable performances: Bryce Pierce dropped 4 in the 200 im- Andrew Szatkowski dropped 7 in the 200 breast- Justine Torres dropped 6 in the 200 breast. March was a great month for CSSC!!!

See you at the pool,


Senior 2a

Coach Dave Cowmeadow - Senior 2bWow what a month of March it was for the Senior 2A program!  We saw competitors in the Area 2 Championships, Junior Olympic Championships, and Senior Championships.  I was very pleased with the effort and training put into swimming these meets.  I know that a few of our swimmers had to deal with illnesses and injuries during this month, and I know they will be back stronger and faster than ever for the long course season.  
Both Alex Meyer and Sarah Schimansky had amazing performances at the Junior Olympic Championships.  Alex was the group's most consistent swimmer throughout the meet. He ended up swimming best times in every race he entered.  He seemed to get stronger each day, and really crushed his swims on Sunday, which is a tough thing to do.  He dropped 4 seconds off his 100 backstroke (thanks to a little additional help from coach Laura)!!  His freestyle and IM times also saw very significant time drops (thanks to a little additional help from coach Arlene)!!  It truly is a team effort to get the maximum effort and technique out of this little guy.  I am very grateful for the support and help from all of our coaches that help not only their athletes but the CSSC team as a whole.
Perhaps the largest performance of the month came from my smallest swimmer.  Sarah Schimansky, at age 10, swam an incredible 5:59 in the 500 freestyle!  This personal best swim beat her previous best time by over 13 seconds.  Thanks to the secret code she had with her lap counter and sister Megan she was able to maintain all her 50 splits under 37 seconds. Great job!  It is now time to get prepared for long-course season, TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING!!

-Coach Dave

Senior 2b

Senior 2B had a very exciting past couple of months! In February, we had several swimmers compete in the Area 2 championships. I want to thank Nicolas Montes, Lorenzo Prado, Sabi Suraz, Daniella Ortiz, Kalvin Hernandez, Zachary Huang, and Brandon Schutz for doing an awesome job at this meet! Most swimmers swam a personal best time with Sabi making it into the finals in every event he swam! Sabi event got a JO cut in the 50 butterfly! Way to go Sabi!

For the next couple of months we are going to be focusing on increasing yardage and intensity.  We are going to be doing longer paced sets to work on stamina and endurance. As it gets closer to May we will focus on preparing for our next home meet which is on May 17th and 18th. Keep up the great work everyone!

–Coach Kayla

White and Blue

White and Blue Coach Erin SayreWhite and Blue groups had incredible meets during the month of March! Here are just a “few” of the standout swims at Area 2 Champs! Jason Allen couldn't stop smiling at the meet and rightfully so! His hard work paid off as he swam five best times, one of which was a 5.3 second best in the 500 freestyle, finaled in four events and finished second in the 11-12 year old 200 breaststroke. Brianna Dattile had an incredible meet with 100% best times and three top three finishes. Faith Fowler swam the 500 freestyle and swam a 25.14 second best time, took first and qualified for the JO meet the following weekend. Molly Mason was another swimmer whose increasingly hard working and focused attitude in practice paid off with all best times including a 5.6 second best in the 100 breaststroke, a 5.6 second best time in the 100IM, and finished second overall in the 100 IM. Meredith McDade showed true determination as she swam all best times, each race pre, won the 9-10 200 IM with an 11.5 second best time, took third in the 100 butterfly with a drop of 27.9 seconds, and took fifth in the 50 breaststroke. Meredith qualified for the JO meet the following weekend, after she confidently promised me before every race that she was definitely 'going to do it'! Grace Nemanic, swam all best times and finished second overall in the 100 breaststroke. Which is not a surprise as she is consistent in practice attendance and is constantly looking for things she can do better. Grace is diligent with the details for sure, and you will definitely see more great swims coming from this girl in the future! Fabio Savino was raking in the best times with five incredible best times, finaling in every event and finishing in the top three twice! Andromeda Smith managed to swim awesome and go 100% best times and finaling in every event before injuring her shoulder while working as a stunt double off the diving boards one day. Heal quickly Andromeda! We miss you! Cara Virgin is another tenacious little swimmer who fought for 100% best times at this meet, qualifying for JOs in all of her events, and winning two of them while narrowly missing the win in the third event! As you can tell, White group had an incredible Area 2 meet with 94% best times!

Blue group had an equally impressive meet with smiling Treasure D'Souza leading the way with 100% best times, finaling in every event, a 21 second best time in the 200 freestyle and a four second best time and a second place finish in the 100 backstroke. More powerful than a locomotive, able to jump buildings in a single bound, and faster than a speeding bullet, Justin Irwin swam lifetime bests including a 1.6 second best in the 200 IM, qualified for finals in every event and had a fourth place finish in the 500 freestyle! Sam McCormick swam best times including a 2.6 second best in the 100 breaststroke, 2.8 second best in the 200 IM, and a four second best in the 100 butterfly which was more than enough to qualify him for the JO meet. Sam also finished top three in every event, including first place finishes in the 100 breaststroke, 100 IM and 100 butterfly. As hard as Sam works, it is no surprise that he swam so well. Lauren Noyola had some really super swims with first place finishes in the 200 butterfly and 200 IM and qualified for several JO events. Lauren's IM events were especially on point with a 2.5 second best time in the 100IM and a 5 second best time in the 200IM. Lydia Szakacs also had some incredible IM races. Lydia swam a 2.2 second best time in the 100 IM and an 8.4 second best time in the 200 IM, she finaled in three events and took fourth in the 200 IM.

Riley Botting had a great JO meet with best times including a 2.3 second best in the 100 breaststroke and two ninth place finishes in the breaststroke events. Faith Fowler swam six best times including a 6.2 second best time in the 200 freestyle and a 3.7 second best time in the 200 IM. Our one and only synchronized swimmer, Emma Gomez, gracefully swam her way to a 4.9 second best time in the 200 freestyle as well as several other incredible best times. Brain 'Speedy' Gonzales, sprinted his way to a best time of 28.34 in the 50 freestyle and found himself among the top finishers in almost every race. Meredith McDade swam back to back weekends and still managed to pull off some really impressive swims including a 4.2 second best time in the 200 freestyle. Grace Nemanic debuted in her first JO meet just in time to swim a best time in her 50 breaststroke, following an incredible meet one week prior. Rebecca Poznanski smiled her way into finals in all of her events with some really impressive best times. Rebecca's super performances have qualified her for the AllStar meet in the beginning of April. Fabio Savino proved to be an amazing teammate when he saved the day for his soccer team who would have had to forfeit their game if he did not show up and also, he played an important role in the 11-12 boys 400 free relay and made plenty of time to squeeze in a best time in his 50 backstroke.

For Blue group, Gabby Beltrano kicked the meet off with a 3.2 second best time in the 200 backstroke. She finaled in all three backstroke events, scored 22 team points and qualified for the All Star meet. Delaney Biro, on a mission to out touch her competition, finaled in every event, and scored 22 points. Her performace also qualified her to be on the FGC All Star team in April. Rachel Botting swam great best times, including an epic 11.4 second best time in the 500 freestyle. Acacia Jones has really kicked it up in training with confidence and enthusiasm and as a result had an outstanding meet with 100% best times including a 14.5 second best time in the 400IM, a 4.5 second best time in the 100 butterfly and a 3.8 second drop in the 200 IM. Among many other best times, Julie Mason fought her way to a 3.5 second best time in the 200 breaststroke, a 1.6 second best time in the 100 breaststroke and a 1.5 second best time in the 400IM. Olivia Mason had some great swims, qualified for finals and will be moving on to the All Star meet to show us how she can really shine when she is healthy and rested! Andrew McDade, our diligence winner last month, proved his efforts with a 3.7 second best time in the 200 backstroke as well as a 7.25 second drop in the 500 freestyle. Andres McKeon, who has shown great leadership in practice this month, was rewarded with 5 best times including a 1.5 drop in both the 100 and 200 backstrokes. Lauren Noyola proved to be a strong teammate when she showed her flexibility to swim whatever the team needed and lead off the 200 medley relay with a best time in the 50 backstroke. Lauren also swam a 3.2 second best time in the 200 freestyle.

There were quite a few other notably awesome swims between the two weekends of competition, but I have clearly gone on way longer than I should have. In April, our teammates, Gabby, Delaney, Olivia and Rebecca will travel to the All Star meet to take one last shot at some fast short course times before the long course season officially begins! On Saturday, April 26th, we will be travelling to Jupiter to race in the first long course meet of the season. On Sunday, April 27th, we will be celebrating at the Splash Bash at our home pool! Hope to see you there!

Coach Erin


by Coach Jessica Long

Hello Mullins Parents & Swimmers!
Happy Spring to Everyone!

Just a reminder that we will have 2 meets in the month of April.  We will have the Sunrise Sizzler meet for our 8 year old and younger swimmers! Please try to get your kids in this meet...it is a great way for them to start doing the swim meets and it is ALOT of fun for them! Please look out for more information to come! Also, we have the Jupiter Invitational meet for our 8 and older swimmers! Again, we are looking for ALL of our swimmers to participate and have fun at this meet! Please look out in your email for more information to register.

HAPPY EASTER! We WILL be having practice on Monday April 21st (Monday after easter sunday)

A HUGE Congrats & Farewell to our swimmers that moved up to White Group and Senior 2B. Congrats to Amber Candido, Nicole Palacios, Riley McCormick, Sophia Viner, Danielle Chiarella, Aaron Garber, Jenna Weissman, Tyler Oviedo, Tyler Williams.  You will ALL be missed very much! Thanks for all your hard work!!

**Quick Side Note: Please be sure that your child brings water or gatorade with them to ALL practices! There is no way for them to swim their best, and be their healthiest unless they are drinking water and replenishing all of the fluids they lose during their practices.  Swimmers do sweat-contrary to popular belief! If they get too dehydrated they will get headaches etc, and then they won't be able to swim effectively.  Thank you so much for your immediate attention to this matter! Thanks!




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