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The Mullins Park program at the Coral Springs Swim Club serves children ages 6 to 12 in three different groups: the Red, the Green and the Gold. Led by coaches Jessica Nugent Long and Bar Bogoslavsky, young swimmers at Mullins Park get introduced to the swim team experience, begin technique drills and interval training, and participate in their first USA Swimming sanctioned meets. Every month, the coaching team highlights the performance and commitment to improvement of a swimmer from each group. “We want to recognize their hard work, discipline and dedication to the sport,” said Nugent Long.

Here are the Swimmers of the Month for September/October 2017

This month we have 2 Swimmers of the Month for the Red Group

 sotm sep17 harding      sotm sep17 red lay


Aveline Harding "is a hard worker, she is very energetic when it comes to swimming and that is showing when we do swim meets! She is very dedicated and needs to keep up the hard work!"

Katelyn Lay "has been working extra hard at practice and is improving tremendously in swim meets! She is a great listener and is always on her best behavior!"


We have 4 Swimmers of the Month for the Green Group:

sotm sep17 green brown       sotm sep17 green palombo1


Joslyn Brown "is fairly new to the team and has improved a lot over the last few months! She is improving in her technique as well as bettering her time in the swim meets!"
Addison Palumbo "is a goofy young lady! She always brings a lot of energy to practice and is ready to swim! She has been improving and shaving off time in her races! Keep up the hard work"
Anthony Palumbo "has been trying very hard lately in practice! He is leading his lane and making the corrections we tell him during practice!"
Ethan Persten "just participated in his first swim meet and did great! He works very hard in practice and always makes sure that he is doing everything correctly!"
sotm sep17 green palombo2       sotm sep17 green persten



And last but not least, we have 4 Swimmers of the Month for the Gold Group

sotm sep17 gold cisternas      sotm sep17 gold george crompton

Max Cisternas "has been with us for some time now, and has been pushing it extra hard lately. He always does what we ask and is excited about swimming when he comes to practice"
Delainey George- Crompton "is fairly new to the team and has been improving a lot since summer time. She is always trying to improve her technique and make herself a better swimmer for the future"
Steve Quispe "is a great young man; he is a great listener in practice and is always ready for what we throw at him, no matter how hard it may be!"
Alejandra Silva "is a busy bee! Between juggling school and soccer she still find the time to swim and puts in all her energy into getting better! Now she just has to do some swim meets to see what she is capable of!"
sotm sep17 gold quispe      sotm sep17 gold silva


The Swimmer of the Month program is an initiative of the Coral Springs Swim Club to “recognize special traits of commitment and positive work attitude in their young athletes.”

For more information about the Coral Springs Swim Club Age Group Program, click here.

For information about the Learn-to-Swim program provided by Swim America Coral Springs, click here.




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