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The Mullins Park program at the Coral Springs Swim Club serves children ages 6 to 12 in three different groups: the Red, the Green and the Gold. Led by coaches Jessica Nugent Long and Bar Bogoslavsky, young swimmers at Mullins Park get introduced to the swim team experience, begin technique drills and interval training, and participate in their first USA Swimming sanctioned meets. Every month, the coaching team highlights the performance and commitment to improvement of a swimmer from each group. “We want to recognize their hard work, discipline and dedication to the sport,” said Nugent Long.

Here are the Swimmers of the Month for July 2017

This month we have 3 Swimmers of the Month for the Red Group

 sotm jul17 red guo     sotm jul17 red luong


sotm jul17 red grossman

Jayden Guo is "a great kid and hard worker! Comes to practice everyday with a huge smile and is always ready to try his best and get better!"   
Katherine Luong "tries so hard everyday to get better at her swimming! She comes to practice all the time and she has improved so much since she has started with us!"


Samantha Grossman "this girl is such a firecracker in and out of the pool! She tries so hard and surprises herself with her abilities! She needs to continue to try her hardest and she will do so well in her swimming" 





We have 3 Swimmers of the Month for the Green Group:

sotm jul17 green aris

Dominique Aris is "becoming more consistent with his practices and really improving on his swimming skills. He is pushing himself more and working hard veteran he is at practice!"
Emma Lin is "a very fast swimmer that needs to continue to recognize her own potential! She does amazing when she puts her mind to it and her effort in practice is improving so much!"
Haozhen Yan "what a sweet kid and never complains! He is a very talented swimmer and he hasn't been with us long but he works so hard and we're so happy with his improvement so far!" 

sotm jul17 green lin

 sotm jul17 green yan


And last but not least, we have 3 Swimmers of the Month for the Gold Group

sotm jul17 gold kyra

Kyra Rattray "has improved so much lately with her ability tomoush herself in practice and in meets and she is getting so much faster! Very proud of her getting out of her comfort zone and finding her inner competitive swimmer!"

Payton Schurr is "such a consistently hard worker and talented swimmer! She always pushes herself in practice and meets and really tries hard to excel very time she is in the pool!"

Sebastian Sterling "what a sweet kid and talented athlete! His confidence continues to improve every time he gets in the pool and does well at the meets! Very proud of his improvement and can't wait to see him continue to get better when he puts his mind to it!"


sotm jul17 gold schurr  sotm jul17 gold sterling    

The Swimmer of the Month program is an initiative of the Coral Springs Swim Club to “recognize special traits of commitment and positive work attitude in their young athletes.”

For more information about the Coral Springs Swim Club Age Group Program, click here.

For information about the Learn-to-Swim program provided by Swim America Coral Springs, click here.






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